6 Ways 2014 Could Become A Gay Gay Year

Happy New Year, Everyone!! Today we bring you hope of a wild, wacky, cray cray and very gay new year to look forward to in 2014.

Sure, the world is a cruel place and its each man for himself against others and now the law. But, we believe in hope not because Pandora was kinda hot, but because life is reason enough [Hangovers make us profound].

2013 was eventful to put it mildly. Jodie Foster and a 100 other celebs said something about her being gay in a speech, Gay Indian men married and said so on Facebook, We all became criminals ( yes, that includes straight folks too ) and the grand ol’ brits legalized marriage for same sex couples in Wales and England and Stateside, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. phew.

Ah hah! but we believe 2014 will change the narrative of queer politics and change in India and the world. We have a dream ….

1) The Gay Indian Party – No, we aren’t talking about the one you just stumbled out of at 5 am. We are talking Politics. If the Aam Aadmi party can do it, heck – we are just as smart, creative, wicked and fashionable. We could call it …*drumroll*… Aapki Apni Gay Party (AAG Party). With its members only wearing juicy couture …in khadi. Only because we are the only ones who would truly appreciate seeing the word “JUICY” glittering in golden on the ass of a pair of nice, round… oh. you get the picture. ( These hangovers make me irreverent!). A Queer political party in 2014 will change history folks.


2) No More Kolaveri, SC – So the Supreme Court kinda got all evil and Darth Vader on us in 2013, right? Well, you know what would make that right – now just an headway in the fight but if they woke up one morning and once and for decriminalized and legalized same sex relationships in India. Forget about the bedrooms, sex, unnaturalness, bestiality – Just do what is right.


3) Koffee Out Of Kloset  – KJo! Our man Kjo! Dude – we love you, we watch the movies you put our and produce, we watch your show. Now, punch open that closet door and spread some love and joy out of the closet. Its great peeping into the closets of Bollywood actors and we dig the entertainment you provide the masses. Now, its time to do something for yourself and our people. There has to be more to just Koffee with Karan, yeah?


4) GayGiri Tere Pyaar Mein – Arey Bollywood, surprise us! Make a movie with Gay protagonists who are just like you and me. Not stereotypical but like you and me. You know we can dance, you know we can romance – So make that darn movie with Gay people ! Yes, straight people can play us but it’d be just like every other movie, and we look good in the snow in the swiss alps too.


5) Fan Fiction Fodder – Set up Nano and NaMo up on a Date. ‘Nuf Said. Coz you know, they need to talk shop. Business. Exchange ideas. Perhaps Sonia Gandhi will share with us her girlcrush on Nigella (hubba hubba). Maybe Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor with Gayday Gayday after Gunday (so adorable those two are together!).

MemeCenter_1388672289681_9866) The Gaysi Zine Sells More Than Vogue – Take that Anna Wintour. We Are Queer and Here and We know you love us because it actually made you Tweet. At Gaysi, We think a Queer Print Magazine as common as India Today or Vogue would really make 2014 a year to remember. And we’re on it ! Look for some exciting stuff to hold, read and finger… I mean thumb, in the upcoming year!


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