7 LGBTQ+ Stories To Read On Wattpad

As Chris Stefanyk, Head of Brand Partnerships at Wattpad, said, “Around the world LGBTQ+ youth have been able to express themselves on Wattpad in a way they can’t anywhere else, creating a community of users celebrating diversity, positivity, and ultimately, love in all forms.”

As one of the safest spaces online for queer youth to share their voices, writers have been able to reshape stories to reflect their identities and have their love be seen on Wattpad. Awareness is key to understanding, whether as an LGBTQ+ individual, or as an ally. In crafting their compelling narratives, writers have been able to dismantle, bit by bit, the negative stereotypes and prejudice surrounding their sexual identities and take a step towards filling the void of representation in mainstream culture.

Here are some stories to add to your Queer reading list, and find some of those perspectives you were looking for to reflect your (or someone you know) journey!

How To Disappear Completely by arodynamics

A coming of age story where Colin Perez wants to disappear, but Quentin helps him navigate his way out of the rules he’s made for himself.

Love-Love by glassEyed

Super Storm is your typical superhero with stunning blonde hair and high morale. Gravel is your typical super-villain with a slight obsession over a certain someone’s beautiful blonde hair and a mission he doesn’t want to complete.

L is for Lesbian by sarcasm_is_oxygen

Salisha Mallik (not related to Zayn Malik) is a lesbian and she loves it. Unfortunately, she’s also Indian, which is cool as long as she stays in the currently rainbow-friendly United States. Unfortunately, her brother decides to marry a ‘nice Indian’ girl. And that sucks. Not because of the marriage, but because of the going-back-to-India-and- meeting-relatives-you-don’t-even-remember-and-needing-to-give-the-homophobes-a-few-lessons. Join Salisha on her crazy journey full of laughs, tears and celibacy, trying to navigate the murky and taboo-filled waters of India.

Saving His Life by chocolate_spidey

Business Tycoon’s son Rohan Nanda is looking to break out of expectations his family has for him and seeks freedom through his friendship with Abhi, a middle class, gay orphan who falls in love with him, knowing very well that his feelings won’t be reciprocated.

Wrong Indian Flag by queen_of_sass

Shilpa, an aspiring journalist, is engaged to Raj but develops feelings for her classmate, Alisha. She struggles with navigating her own sexual feelings and trying to come out to her conservative family.

The Beginning of Nothing by arodynamics

When life spirals out of control, AJ, Jeff, and Bruno decide to take a roadtrip to meet Bruno’s uncle with a hope of getting some answers. However, what they learn on their journey ends up being much more valuable.

My Life

An ongoing story of a girl’s (Tanya) life. It’s all about discovering her sexuality, her first crush, her coming out, and all the other problems she has faced.

Find these stories and more on Wattpad!

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