7 Non-Conforming Queer Musicians Under 30

Here is an exclusive list of non-conforming queer musicians who are under 30. These are some young musicians who are happy being themselves & with their fame and potential to reach out to the masses are, changing the landscape of the music industry.

Shamir, 21

His forte are dance and electronic music. At 21, he isn’t afraid to be himself in his videos that translates into his music. Maybe all the new gen artists will be this open about being gender queer? I hope so.

Sam Smith, 23

This young man has been nominated for 6 Grammy Awards and has won 4 of them. He needs no introduction. He’s been in the limelight for a while now and we absolutely love him, don’t we?

Lady Gaga, 30

Okay, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta cannot be ignored. Although she hasn’t come out with a single or an album in a while, she has been busy with the American Horror Story series and is absolutely yummy in it. Who knew she’d be such a good actor. Blew me away!

Elly Jackson, 28

She started the synth pop act ‘La Roux’ with Bob Langmaid. Her androgynous style breaks every stereotype of how women are ‘supposed to be’ promoted in the music industry. She doesn’t identify as gay or straight or even a bisexual. Red hair, androgynous style and never been afraid to be she. Me likes.

Olly Alexander, 25

He’s part of the trio – Years & Years. This is a band I enjoy listening to and it has over the years gained tremendous fame with popular songs like King, Shine, Desire. The lyrics are bold and are open about his feelings vis-a-vis boys. Here’s one:

Troye Sivan, 20

At only 20, he is totally honest about his music and what he wants to do with it. In an interview last year we heard him say to the Advocate, “I think the most important thing to me at this point in my career is being able to be honest in my songwriting — and these songs are about boys.”

Scott Hoying, 24 & Mitch Grassi, 23

Part of the immensely successful accapella band – Pentatonix.
Mitch & Scott also have their own YouTube channel and are best friends in life. The band as a whole has always been strongly supportive to the lgbt community. I love how expressive Mitch and Scott are in their music videos!

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