7 Real-Life Narratives Of Desi-Queers Out At Work

1/3rd of a person’s life is spent at work- making it ‘home’ for many people.

At home, one must be loved, comfortable and able to grow. Identity and acceptance are a large part of how good and welcome someone feels in their ‘home’. Gaysi asked our family on Instagram what their experiences were with coming out in their professional environment and they responded with stories that made us laugh, made us sad, roll our eyes and warmed our heart.

Artwork by Krupali Patel

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Jo Krishnakumar is a trans queer researcher interested in all things sex, sexuality, gender and how different groups/people experience these wor(l)ds. Their work is informed by their constant learning/unlearning of the privileges they have due to their social location as a dominant/oppressive caste person (Nair) while also occupying space as a (mentally) disabled trans person of colour. Find them on their unfinished webspace www.waytojo.com.

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