9 Indian Doctors Who Claim To Have A Cure For Homosexuality

As part of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), Mumbai based NGO The Humsafar Trust is carried out a campaign titled ‘Queers Against Quacks’. The aim of this campaign was to bring out the homophobic ‘Quacks’ or fake doctors who offer ‘cures’ and ‘treatments’ for homosexuality.

The Humsafar Trust is the country’s oldest registered Community Based Organization of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and the Transgender community. Established in 1994 , the Trust is a product of the country’s first registered magazine Bombay Dost. It operates in the 4 main areas of Health, Advocacy, Capacity Building and Research.

Here we are naming and shaming nine of them.

Titus Verghese


A sexologist by profession Mr. Verghese believes he can cure homosexuality and has given multiple talks on TV channels claiming the same. Needless to say, common sense and him are not friends. 

City : Thiruvalla (Kerala)
Website : http://www.hrtsystem.com/

Dr. Vinod Raina


Dr. Vinod Raina claims to have cured over 1000 homosexuals and charges INR 1.1 Lakh for the whole package. Damn cheap na? Well he is!

City : New Delhi
Phone : 9871605858
Website : http://drrainassafehands.blogspot.in


Dr. P.K. Gupta 


Dr. P. K. Gupta of Karol Bagh insists on finding out if the patient has been through child abuse before deciding how to ‘treat’ him/her. He thinks of Homosexuality as a mental and genetic disorder. So much for barfing rainbows.

City : New Delhi
Website : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HS_lpazkDzo

Dr. Dilbag Clinic 


At Dr. Dilbag’s clinic one can be treated for homosexuality by various medically qualified doctors like Dr. N. K. Dhamije (G.A.M.S.), Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (M.B.B.S.), Dr. S. P. Singh (B.H.M.S) etc. The treatment supposedly has no side effects and “can be used in all weathers” only for INR 2100. Wow. I mean really WOW!

City : New Delhi
Website : http://www.drdilbagclinic.com/homosexuality.html


Dr. S.K. Jain 


Dr. S.K.Jain claims to have inherited a legacy of renowned physicians with his father and grandfather famous ayurvedacharya of their time. “During his illustrious career of 27 years he has treated more than 74000 patients and shown them the path of happiness”, as stated on his website. What the website fails to mention is that Dr Jain and his extreme claims of curing homosexuality was exposed in a sting operation conducted by Mail Today exactly a year ago. 

City : New Delhi
Website : http://www.drskjain.com/index1.php?so=pl

Baba Ramdev


The less said the better about Baba Ramdev. Among many other rubbish claims, he asks the Gay Community to come to his Ashram so that he can cure them of this ‘disease’. Looking inward clearly isn’t his forte.

Website : http://www.swamibabaramdevmedicines.com/


Dr. Indira Sharma


Indira Sharma, who has previously been the president of the Indian Psychiatric Society, has never heard of the term ‘homo club’. Frankly, we haven’t either! She believes “our society doesn’t talk about sex” and considers homosexuality unnatural.

City : Varanasi
Website : https://www.sehat.com/dr-indira-sharma-psychiatrist-varanasi

Dr. Ashit Sheth


Dr. Ashit Sheth proudly claims on his website that Homosexuality can be ‘cured’ by hypnosis and claims to have already ‘converted’ and ‘cured’ a homosexual individual. Well you got to give it to the man, he is atleast innovative compared to other quacks.

City : Mumbai
Website : http://drashitsheth.com/

Dr. Rajan Bhonsle


Sexologist Dr Rajan Bhonsle from Mumbai claims homosexuality is a “choice” and he wrongly equates same sex with anal sex. He believes aversion therapy is a best cure for homosexuality. 

Update on 21st August : We received an email from Dr Rajan Bhosle stating the below:

Myself, Dr.Rajan Bhonsle, NEVER equated Same Sex with Anal sex. While Anal Sex is a very common sexual activity amongst homosexuals and I have alerted gays as well as straight people of the dangers of it – and I stand by my views along with the whole medical fraternity. I stand by ALL my views with scientific explanation on Sexuality which are openly and easily available in books and articles authored by me.

I NEVER propagated or justified aversion therapy to cure homosexualily. Kindly show me any of my Writings (Books, Articles) or lectures (on YouTube or elsewhere) where I have said it.

Accordingly we have modified our earlier statement.
City : Mumbai
Website : http://www.hearttoheartindia.com/drrajan.htm

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