A Beginner’s Guide To Indian Sexual Predators

Are you familiar with the slow creep of a hand on your backs, your buttocks, your legs in public transport? Have you known the shudder-inducing — and cleverly disguised — press of a body in a bus, the local train, a crowded street? Ever seen the sly grin on the face of a relative as they suggested they check ‘how big you’ve gotten’? Or the look in the eyes of a work senior as they get away with yet another suggestive brush, remark, ‘compliment’? Remember the ‘experimenting’ friend (or even a particularly ambitious cousin) who thought they could use your queerness to have some ‘innocent’ fun?

Have you ever been left wondering if you were ‘over-reacting’ to someone’s insistent hugs or invasive questions? And did someone suggest to you that the person in question was ‘a really nice guy’? Confused about whether you could really just be misinterpreting someone’s repeated ‘accidental’ touches? Worry no more. We bring to you A Beginner’s Guide To Indian Sexual Predators, featuring all our favourite familiars: The Persistent Date, The (overtly) Friendly Neighbour, The Respected Doctor, The Helpful Classmate, The Caring Colleague, The Over-enthusiastic Uncle — and many more! See how many you can identify!

Concept and Artwork by Solo & Oz:
Solo likes hoarding cats and comics. She is also a masterful procrastinator. Website: www.stripteasethemag.com



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