A Lesbian & I’m Lovin It!

Yes, I am a lesbian. I love women. I always have. Men don’t do it for me. Ever since I came out of the closet, I have been completely out and proud. I haven’t feared anybody or anyone. No self-doubt, no pressure from anyone. Nothing.
Recently, while having dinner with a friend, I was asked, “Do you like being a lesbian. Are you fine with it?” to which I answered “I love being a lesbian! “ Her obvious immediate question was “What do you love about being a lesbian?” and the conversation continued for the next hour or so.
So here is why I love being a lesbian-
1. No contraceptives or birth control pills required – You can have great sex, a lot of sex and irrespective of one night stands, flings or relationships, you don’t have to worry when your periods are late. Also, the risk of contracting HIV is much lower than straight people or even gay boys.
2. Periods aren’t gross – I have a couple of friends, whose boyfriends won’t show any form of physical affection while they are on their periods. Some men find it gross or irritating. Women know about menstrual cycles and don’t find anything gross about them. Periods definitely don’t come in the way of physical intimacy, nor are they gross or irritating.
3. I can share things– I can share clothes and shoes with not just my best friend. I can do that with a girlfriend too. The best part is, I don’t need to beg and plead for her favorite pair of black stilettos. I just ask and I can use them. Even best friends won’t lend you that one  favorite pair of shoes or clothes. Also before going to a party, I can whine and say “I have nothing to wear! What do I wear?” And I won’t have an irritated boyfriend saying  “Wear anything, it’s just a party”. I would have a girlfriend helping me with my wardrobe instead.
4. Everyone around you wants to play cupid – After I came out of the closet, all my friends (straight and gay) suddenly wanted to set me up.  “Hey! I have a lesbian friend. She is really hot. You two should meet.”  This rarely happens when you’re straight.
5. It makes hanging out with straight men much more fun -There are a lot of things men only talk about when women aren’t around. But since I am a lesbian, I am allowed to join in. By the end of the conversation we would all be drooling at the hot woman in the club.
6. The intrigued, attractive bi-curious girl – You’re at a party, filled with a lot of people. The extremely attractive straight girl finds out you’re a lesbian. While all the straight men are trying to flirt with her, she walks up to you and starts a conversation. As the evening progresses, she accepts being Bi-Curious. She wants to experiment with women. You choose to help her or not.
7. No expected gender roles– When at a party, I can go up to a woman and casually start flirting with her. Unlike my straight friends, I don’t need to keep waiting for the man to come approach me. Also when in a relationship, the segregation of household tasks is not based on gender.
8. Nothing wrong with sleeping around– Irrespective of how much ever you sleep around, you’ll never be called a slut or judged for your flings and one night stands. You’ll definitely never have a girl say, “Oh! I can’t be with you because you have had one night stands, in the past.”
9. No family pressure- This stands valid, only once you’re out to your family. I don’t have parents pressuring me to get married. No annoying relatives ask me to have a kid. Also, they don’t intrude into your space, as much as they did earlier.
10Sex is exhilarating – Let’s just say when you have the same physical parts as your partner does, there’s not much to learn. And there are a lot of things you can do in bed. Also I don’t have to fake an orgasm to my partner happy unlike a few straight couples I know of.
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