A Not So Essential Rule Book of Love

Editor’s Note: Due to a technical oversight this post was published under the name of “The Cathartist” when the original author is Arjita Gupta. This was brought to our attention very late and we apologise for this error.Lesbian Love

“You will not lie, you will not back bite… you will never sleep with anyone else”.

These are often the common pledges to a relationship. But this may not always be the basis of a strong bond. What is so surprising about couples is the set of rules they tie around each other. If they were to actually work, we could create a whole compilation of lesbian laws. Some people would follow it and be unsuccessful while others can still win by breaking these norms apart.

What makes two people grow closer is the amount of fun they have with each other. Do not get me wrong. I am not against love, but there is something we all can ponder on.
You may have come across many people who are disloyal in their love life. But the partners get back together because they do not hide the truth from each other. Maybe we have to rework on the rules, if there has to be any.
TRANSPARENCY may be more viable than LOYALTY, and that my friends will keep your relationship sailing smoothly out of the wild waves and treacherous rocks.
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