A Single’s Guide To Valentines Day


A single’s guide to Valentines Day It’s that time of the year again where roses, red hearts and squishy stuff toys take over everything. I literally mean everything. Thanks to technology and that one annoying friend who’s mastered the art of Whatsapp, you can’t even prevent an explosion of roses and hearts. Barf.

So how exactly does a single person spend this international day of hallmark? You could either ponder upon the good old times with your ex, or you can follow my 14 suggestions be happy on this festival.

1. Stay up all night till the opening match of the glorious Cricket World Cup (3:30AM and 9AM): Hosts New Zealand take on Sri Lanka. Followed by co-hosts Australia against England. I’ve got my money on the kiwis and the Aussies. I mean it would be a shocker for England to win anything! Pulling an all-nighter will give you street creed for being a Shudh Desi Indian with following cricket and cause you to sleep through Valentines Day! Win-Win!

2. Go hiking. There are no lovers and their public displays of affection hiking. And even if there are, push them down the mountain.

3. Call you bestie over and cook some brunch. Make sure said brunch has champagne involved. There is no problem a little champagne cannot solve.

4. Watch seasons 1-4 of Game Of Thrones.

5. After achieving point 4, dress up like Daenerys Tageryn, dress your dog up like a dragon. Go for a walk and every time you see lovers, look to your dragon-dog and shout “Dracarys!”

6. Watch ‘Theory of Everything’ and be inspired. Then learn everything about string theory and then show off your knowledge to everyone. This works really well in building self esteem.

7. Buy a Wii and get really good and Just Dance. These techniques are guaranteed to pay off the next time you go to a club.

8. If you suffer from triskaidekaphobia (1), you spend Valentines Day celebrating that you made it through yesterday! Hoorah! More champagne!

9. Learn how to knit. Apparently, it’s very therapeutic and you won’t need to relearn the skill when you 60 and retired.

10. Find a solution for world peace. While you’re at it, find a solution for poverty as well.

11. Climb a crane. Not the bird, but that mean piece of machinery. How many times in life can you drop into conversation? “Hey! I’ve climbed a crane!” Never! So here is the opportunity, and it will earn you eternal glory.

12. Watch the 2011 Cricket World Cup finals and feel glorious about how we won that glorious cup!

13. Plan a holiday! When life get’s difficult, escaping is the best solution!

14. Last but not least, if none of the above satisfy you. You can always adventure to a restaurant/coffee shop/bar and spend your day throwing popcorn at all the lovers that come and go. Personally I might do this one.

There you have it all – Your guide to being a happy single person on Valentines Day! Do let me know which suggestion you take on!

*(1) Triskaidekaphobia – abnormal fear of the number 13

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