A Very Queer Music Playlist

A big part of what I do outside of my work involves discovering new music every day. And I’ve come to notice over my recent late night quests that there’s a huge surge in LGBT videos from various fresh new artists around the world. So, this is a compilation of 9 tracks I’ve been listening to – some old, some new, some gender-neutral, some showcasing queer artists, some showing polyamory, and some narrating some age-old stories of queer discovery.


Shura – Touch

Beautiful melody, smooth tempo, lucid vocals – Shura has been at the forefront of a new wave of downtempo from the UK. The video shows an interesting chain of different people kissing each other, from one to the next, almost like a world of love paying it forward. It’s so queer, I wanna hug it. If you want something slightly up-tempo, I would highly recommend the Four Tet remix of this track.

Queer Quotient – 9


Garden City Movement – Move On

There’s something immediately beautiful about this track, with the mood being set between the haunting vocals and the video. An electronic indie-pop band from Tel Aviv in Israel, Garden City Movement has come a long way from this track in 2013, releasing several EPs including the incredible ‘Bengali Cinema’, but nothing quite left a mark like this one before. The video reminds me a bit of the movie ‘Circumstance’, but just done better. Maybe the first love does cut the deepest.

Queer Quotient – 8


Luna Blake – Horizon

At the get-go, I was hooked on to the electric guitar loop in the background. But then she started singing and everything changed. Unless I’m mistaken, Luna Blake is a queer artist and for some reason, she has a repository of unidentifiable-yet-terribly-cute animals. I love the marriage-like visuals at the start and can’t stop staring at the spinning-hoop girl. But most importantly, I love the gender-neutral lyrics. Here’s hoping she has more work to show this year.

Queer Quotient – 8


 Honne – Warm on a cold night

For a rather straight song, this is a rather queer video. I love Honne’s work and their beautiful soul music, and this track is a testament to the humility in a relationship through their simple, comforting lyrics. I do prefer listening to this track more than watching it, but it deserves a mention nonetheless.

Queer Quotient – 7


Nicholson & Fuzzy Logic – Give up the Ghost (Radiohead Cover)

An incredibly smooth, electronic rendition of Radiohead’s Give up the ghost from their incredible The King of Limbs album, Nicholson and Fuzzy Logic nailed this one. Nicholson has the vocal skill to turn a few knees to jelly, and Fuzzy Logic is impeccable with his minimal sound. If you recollect Nicholson from our Flux collaboration event, I hope this further cements your romance with him and his music.

Queer Quotient – 5



Ji Nilsson & Marlene – Love you anyway

There’s something addictive about the beat and their vocal harmony, but most importantly, this is a simple song about friendship. Well, at least in my eyes. There’s a sense of blurred lines, both in the lyrics and the video, and we’ve all been there one time or the other.

Queer Quotient – 7



Hayley Kiyoko – Cliff’s Edge

I always suspected that Velma from Scooby-Doo might be gay, but this is revelatory! Hayley Kiyoko took complete creative control of this track and the video and the result is something wonderfully chaotic and real. I find it oddly catchy. Though, what’s up with that zombiedancemoves-in-the-water thing?

Queer Quotient – 8


Gia – Only a girl

So when I first heard this track, it felt like an alternative (albeit more personal) version of Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl. Out of sheer curiosity, I watched the video, and man did I laugh my phantom balls off. It feels like this was created for a straight man. BUT. If you can move past that, there’s a bit of sarcasm with the tennis (and the bad forehand), the sauna, the awkward straight-girl kissing and the smoke chutes. Or maybe that’s just me justifying it. It’s a curious video, but a strangely catchy tune.

Queer Quotient – 4



Flight Facilites – Two Bodies ft. Emma Louise

Firstly, I LOVE Flight Facilities. And I mean I LOVE them. Have I mentioned I love them? Ok now that we have that out of the way – vocals that pierce through, an incredible beat, bass that sticks to the back of your head and neutral lyrics. It’s about fucking and hurting and all that emo shit. I mean, need I say more? I’d also highly recommend ‘Crave You’ by the same group – it might not be neutral or queer, but attraction knows no bounds, does it?

Queer Quotient – 5


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