A Very Short Love Story

That handsome boy in train,
all the love in his eyes I see,
his hands are but down in motion,
for his groin is infested with flea.

Love, I can see you are in so much pain,
But wonder if you have any shame,
My heart bleeds when I see you scratching with your deepest emotion,
Why not get itch guard or some lotion?

Don’t notice me my love,
I cant shake hands with you,
Though your looks are a worth a million bucks,
I can’t love the bug on you.

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Harish Iyer is an active voice for a number of social causes. He is mad and whacky, intelligent and stupid at the same time. Maybe that's what got him a listing in the World's pride powerlist as one of the 100 most influential LGBT persons in the world.

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