Advice For Desi Parents With A Gaysi Child

Dear parents of a gay child,

I recently told my parents that I am gay. It was, as you might expect, not fun and games – for them or for me. They said some pretty crazy things – all very politely, and I think it’s because there is not much out there in terms of information and support for desi parents who have an gay child.

So I’m thinking of writing a series of posts on what to do if (hai ram!) your child is gay. And like all good desis I am giving you unwarranted and unwanted gyaan.

Now, remember, I don’t have any professional credentials and my research is restricted to my own experiences and to the experiences of my gaysi friends. So sue me. (Actually please don’t.)

Also this advice might apply to not just parents, but also friends and family and perhaps just to us gaysis.

Watch out for our new FAQueer series.

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