An Unwarranted Remark

At Gaysi, we love Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil. In fact we believe there could be no other better mascot representing the Desi-Queer community, at home and internationally. Anything said in his praise would still fall short in comparison to ground reality, so it’s best to just leave such things at the mercy of the mighty Google search. Simply type in his name and in matter of minutes you would have found yourself a new Idol (if he isn’t already).

But (yes there’s always one these lying around somewhere)….his recent media byte at the launch of his magazines targeting the Gay community has got me thinking a little tangent.

“The (Fun) magazine also appeals to straight women, basically anybody who loves men,” explains Gohil.

“The other gay magazine, Bombay Dost, talks about gay empowerment and HIV-related issues. But this is a magazine which speaks of the lifestyle of gay men. We’re focusing on fashion, fitness, gizmos and relationships.”

The magazine will have a fashion advice column, apart from an agony aunt column, dealing with men in relationships. “There will also be a column giving sex tips, which will help both gay men and straight women.” explains Gohil. [Link]

Now Fun does definitely sound like Gay man’s answered prayer to Femina (God I so used to secretly relish the Home Truths section), I mean come on – fashion, fitness, relationships, agony aunt, sex tips – yup, might as well call it Gaymina. Anyway, if this is what gets our Gay brother’s fancy then so be it.

225px-Painting_of_Manvendra_Singh_Gohil But (yes coming back to it) were his doh shabd (comment) on Bombay Dost warranted? No seriously, was the comparison necessary? To me it came across more as – they are selling Product A but I am luring you with Product A Plus. That’s preachy and this is hip. They are boring and I am fun (pun unintended).

Which gets me to the second point…is his description of Bombay Dost correct? Unfortunately for Prince he is very much off the mark (Surprise! Surprise! Considering he was a big part of Bombay Dost re-launch last year). If you browse through Bombay Dost archive online you will come across articles/write ups covering many facets of the Desi-Queerdom. Yes they do talk about Gay empowerment but they also have something to say about the Mumbai Gay nightlife. Yes they may educate us with HIV related issues but they do have insights on Queer Cinema, Theatre, Art, Fiction and much more…covering the lifestyle of not just a gay man but also others belonging to the community.

Yes yes Fashion seems to be missing…hopefully Bombay Dost team will soon have the likes of Manish Malhotra join the editorial board as well. And then there is always apna munda Rohit Bal.

On a serious note though, I believe the comment on Bombay Dost was uncalled for but I guess everybody is hungry for that Pink Money.

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