And Out Goes The Queer

Reality shows and their viability, we shall leave for another time. But for now, let’s talk about Bigg Boss Season 4 and the eviction of Ali Saleem, better known as Begum Nawazish Ali. Now I understand I may have lost a few readers at the mention of Bigg Boss.

While I acknowledge we have ‘bigger issues’ to deal with, it’s worth taking a pause and flirting with the more flippant subject.

Pakistani artist Begum Nawazish Ali

Begum Nawazish Ali, a reasonably known TV personality in Pakistan, was evicted last night from the Bigg Boss house due to lack of public support in terms of votes. Begum Nawazish Ali also happens to be an out-of-the-closet transsexual.

Now here begins my conspiracy theory. If I could be convinced that that this eviction was truly based on audience votes, I wouldn’t be up way past midnight, writing this post furiously, when I could be doing something a lot more satisfying such as watching P-O-R-N.

The point being it’s hard to believe this eviction was not orchestrated given we have had the Shiv Sainiks threatening the concerned Network Channel as well as the cable operators broadcasting the said show. Their agenda? Removal of the two Pakistani contestants (Begum and the other being Veena Malik) from the show. Their reasoning? Since Indian artists are not allowed to earn a living there, then why should they, as Pakistanis, be allowed here?

Again, trying to dodging the entire Love thy neighbour vs. Shoot thy neighbour debate, it is ironic that our beloved sons of Maharashtra, the Shiv Sainiks are showing concern about the welfare of Indian artists. Weren’t they the ones (as well as MNS) beating the crap out of Biharis, those earning their livelihood in Maharashtra. Last time I checked both Maharashtra and Bihar very much belonged to India. So clearly they are exactly the bastions of Patriotism, not in my books at least.

I have to admit, I briefly believed it was just another publicity stunt by the channel and political goons (the lengths people go these days can be mind numbing). Then came the so called apology letter from channel and I thought, “WOW! Nice way to end the marketing strategy employed by the parties involved.” But the nomination of both Pakistani contestants within days from Shiv Sainik ruckus followed by outing of Begum, for me is somewhat of a red herring. Its authenticity can be questioned for two reasons;

  1. Couple of daily tabloids had already talked about the deal made between the channel and the Sainiks, wherein the channel assured them of “phasing” out the Pakistani artists from the show.
  2. If the Indian public really cared, then the said contestants would have been evicted much sooner.

What’s my bones with this, you ask? I’m just pissed to see another game of bullying being won by political goons. And more pissed to see a decent person been taken off air especially given our current Idiot Box scenario where the Queer presence is almost non-existent. Unless you are a “gimmick” called Bobby Darling or a “being homosexual is a sin” Rohit Verma or a “dancing/begging” Hijra, then that’s entertainment. Nothing less will do.

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