And The Pseudo Crap Lives Happily Ever After

Once upon a time there lived a King and his Queen. In a mystical place called Swades, also called Hindustan, depending on which actor you fancy (Shahrukh Khan or Hrthik Roshan).

Now it’s an inconsequential matter that the King and Queen were both males. Yes, you read it right – the King and Queen both belonged to the same gender – but the ill-informed people of Hindustan conveniently ignored this (as mentioned, inconsequential) detail.

You see in Hindustan, Homosexuality had only recently stepped out in the open after years of outofclosetphobia. To stand up against Hindustan’s fanaticism towards hetro-norms, believe you me, wasn’t as easy as Salman Khan stripping off his shirt.

They (the King and his King and their band of  loyal supporters)  did succeed to a large extent in making their presence felt. What they did not anticipate however was the power of Hindustani people and their hetro-focused viewing lenses.

And so even today the King and (technically) his King continue to be judged as per the pseudo heterosexual technicalities and pre-conceived notions of the Queer world. Thereby tagging them as – King & Queen – because you see, there ain’t two way about it.

Just in case interested, this is what my rant is all about.

Delhi nightclubs say entry passes for New Year’s Eve parties will now be available to same-sex couples too. […]

However, it’s not so simple. Afraid that single men may pose as gay couples to gain entry, nightclubs have some checks in place. Sohrab Sitaram of Tabula Rasa says, “We’ll allow gay couples. But will check the genuinity of the couple. […]

For DJ Rummy Sharma of Pure by Kuki, however, checking for the “authenticity” of couples will not be a problem. He says that he has trained his gate manager to check the couples. “It is easy to assess if they are being honest. One of the partners in a genuine gay couple, is a ‘king’ while the other is the ‘queen’. And we engage them in a conversation to check if they are faking it.” [Hindustan Times]

Such bullocks; can’t decide whether to be happy or freaking pissed shit.

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