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Many moons ago, I made an announcement on Gaysi about how we’re getting ready with a new shiny site. Well, this announcement today is totally different. I am announcing that we’re almost ready with a shiny new site. No really. This time we really are.

We took your suggestions, added some of our own ideas, read out some magic spells & now we’re ready with a new site that we’re about to launch on … the first of April. And no, this is NOT an April fools joke!

MJ has done 99% of the hard work to get the site redesigned & the preliminary site looks totally dhinchak & totally cool – a lot like MJ, actually.

What we need from you, dear reader, is contributions, information about upcoming gaysi events, ideas for people & movies & books you’d like to see featured here. If you think you can write about your life as a gaysi (anonymously or loud & proud) let us know. Gaysi Family has always been about community and you are our community. We want to make sure that what we’re doing here is what you want & what you enjoy.

See you in a few days.

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