Artwork : Pride


Dedicated to the caged birds in this free country. Of-course, we do look for the decriminalization of the infamous Section 377. But we also do seek change in mindsets. I’ve been told relentlessly that ideas don’t bring change, but ‘acting’ upon them does. I decided to act through art. Perhaps art could bring that change?

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I am a 20 year old student with an English major and an (often thwarting) overactive imagination. My hobbies involve creating artworks, writing poems, playing music, overthinking (mostly about cats) and wallowing in existentialism. I am intrigued by the smaller mundanities of life, like mediocre leaves which I enjoy collecting or snippets of conversation which I sieve to find words that sound most rhythmic to me. I am also the recipient of a plethora of nightmares and it has become my life's mission and purpose to comprehend them.
Devika Gupta

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