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bombay dost Look people who’s back in action – the initiator of Gaysi voice, India’s first LGBT magazine – Bombay Dost.

Bombay Dost, India’s first registered gay magazine, was launched in 1990. In its earlier avatar, it connected gay people across the country, taking away the sense of isolation and disempowerment they felt, giving them hope of being able to live a full life, without stigma and discrimination.

Beset by issues such as lack of advertising support and paucity of funds, Bombay Dost suspended publication in 2002.

Today, it is back in a new, bolder-than-ever avatar. The bolder-than-ever tag has to do with the forthrightness with which gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) cultural expression is showcased. […..]

What’s different this time round?

Highlights of this 56-page, full-colour issue are: a round-up and analysis of events in the past year; Bombay Dost’s people of the year; an alternative guide to cinema featuring 100 films that have a queer resonance; articles by scholar Ruth Vanitha and journalist Sandip Roy; original, new art and short fiction; tributes to filmmaker Nishit Saran and theatre director Chetan Datar; a translation of ‘Lihaaf’; an extract from Amruta Patil’s ‘Kari’; essays on bisexuality and on friendships between gay and straight men; a rewind to the beginning of ‘Bombay Dost’ in 1990; interviews with Mr Gay Europe and Mr Gay India; and lots more. [Quoted from Bombay Dost press release]

Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley will be releasing the new issue of Bombay Dost, this very evening at 5.30 p.m, at the Oxford Bookstore, Churchgate, Mumbai.

Now Ms. Jaitley may have done nothing impressive with her modelling or tinsel town career. But the woman surely deserves tons of brownie points for her boisterous support for the Queer community. And billion more brownie points along with heartiest best wishes to the folks behind this fantastic effort.

Jai Ho Bombay Dost!  

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