Bengaluru Pride & Karnataka Queer Habba 2012

This year’s Bengaluru Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba was bigger and brighter.  A series of events were lined up from the 22nd of November to 2nd of December.

Here is a brief account of a selected few events:

At the fundraiser Garage Sale, not only were items sold but kisses auctioned too. Various people volunteered at the kissing booth, all in the fun spirit to raise money for the pride. I guess we raised around INR 5000 from the kisses alone.

The Diversity Fair was organised by the new kids in the block – Queer Campus, Bangalore.  The mela saw a bunch of good performances and some really funky tee’s for sale amongst many others. One of the highlights of the mela, was a pride fundraiser stall, through which people could send a message and a rose to their secret crush. It was a fun filled, successful event.

The much acclaimed play, Ek Madhav Baug also performed two shows, here. The cast and the crew had an interactive session with the audience after the performance.

Kareem Khubchandani (Kareempuff) conducted a workshop on Theatres of the body. Participants at the workshop explored memories, maps, and marks of the body. All the participants had a wonderful experience as they bonded with their bodies and learnt how to perform with them in various ways.

The fundraiser Diversity Kooth party was bigger and better this year. For the first time a party at a commercial space in Bangalore was made open to cross-dressers, hijras and transgendered people too.

Around 900 people walked the Bengaluru Pride March on the 2nd of December 2012. The event saw a lot of people from various cities, companies and backgrounds. The excitement from the march hasn’t faded yet and has left a lot of us feeling warmer and happier. The pictures shall soon be up on

Also, here is a beautiful video from the pride march:

[*Editor’s Note : Do have a look at some of the pictures taken by Gaysi Team members present at the Pride] 


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