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Best Sex Toy Combinations To Try Out This Holiday Season

Whether you are playing by yourself or with a partner, we guarantee you a sex toy that will make the rendezvous feel like nothing you have ever experienced before.

If you are still scratching your head about what to gift your partner [or your friends, or even yourself], then remember: toys are not just for children! Whether you are playing by yourself or with a partner, we guarantee you a sex toy that will make the rendezvous feel like nothing you have ever experienced before. And, if you are wondering, “What’s adult toys got to do with Holiday Season?”, we, your trusted sex toy connoisseur, are here to tell you that the perfect Holiday Season-themed experience is all about a little curation. Here are a few collections, that you can experiment with.

A) The Kinky Candy:

i) Whipped Desserts Flavoured Cream Lubricant:

Desserts are not the only thing that tastes better with whipped cream on. Top off the delicious food that  is your partner with this velvety smooth, water-soluble lube and take your foreplay to the next level. The lubricant, apart from being sugar and paraben free, is water-based and latex-free, which means no mess, no fuss and only fun.

ii) Sex & Mischief Metal Handcuffs:

Embrace your kinky self, and add some handcuffs to the mix. Designed for novices and experts alike, these nickel-free metal handcuffs are adjustable despite the sturdy look, crafted  for couples to truly experience the pleasures of bondage, dominance and submission.

iii) Rubber Cock Ring Set:

This set contains 5 cock rings in varied colors that will give you stronger erections and make you last longer. Pair it with the handcuffs for your partner and take them on a ride that lasts the night.. Don’t worry about size, because you can choose between  1.25″, 1.5″ or 2″ of dimensions.

B) The Sweet ‘n’ Spice:

i) Screaming O Soft Touch Bullet Vibrator:

If you are looking for something that will get you writhing in pleasure without having to shell out thousands, then, look no further. With the Screaming O Soft-Touch Bullet Vibrator you can enjoy three different  speeds as well as pulse setting. It’s mini size allows it to be the perfect travel companion, so you can enjoy the big O, wherever you go.

ii) Penthouse Passion Goddess Mini Dress:

This mini dress has been designed to leave you looking like a goddess, so that your partner will be left with no choice but to worship your body. This transparent dress with a checkered pattern  is the only lingerie you need to get the juices flowing. Worrying about the fit? The lingerie is  one size fits all with S/L Bust – 82-98 cm, Waist – 60-82 cm, Hip- 88-102 cm.

iii) Baci Envy Elastic Jock:

Flaunt that booty, and feel like your sexiest self in these jockstraps. The elastic sport jocks are made of breathable Polyester, and available in S/M, M/L, and L/XL size. Ditch the notion that they only belong on the football field, and enjoy the breathability that this sexy undergarment offers.

C) The Mistletoe Kiss:

i) Anal Fantasy Fun Beads:

Perfect for beginners, the Anal Fantasy First Time Fun Beads, will allow you to explore the thrilling world of anal pleasure at your own pace. Pop in one bead in at a time and gently tug the handle to release each bead for better stimulation. Made of ultra-hygienic silicone, the shaft is flexible boasting a lemgth of 10.03 inches, to give you the advantage of teasing  all the right spots.

ii) Bijoux Indiscrets Les Petit Bonbons Blind Passion Mask:

There is nothing sexier than having a partner you trust. Use the Blind Passion Mask as an exercise in trust and let your lover take on the reigns. With your sight taken away, all your other senses will be heightened, allowing you to experience every touch with a new level of intensity.

iii) Imbue Nirama Body Oil:

Offer your partner a sensual but calming massage to clear off all the tension that the past year has brought. Or, add the oil to a warm bath that you both can enjoy. Enriched with 9 luxury oils, the body oil will allow you to truly reap the benefits of the after-sex glow.

Disclaimer: Please note that these collection names do not exist on the website. They have been curated for the creative benefit of the listicle.

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