I believe people should think twice before associating the colour Blue with anything that they consider of value. I mean look at what happened to the very expensive Bollywood film starring the NoChaatiHairAkshay & CardboardSouthAfricanSharks, Baluuuuuuu. And at the very recently held Blue Apple Festival, Kolkata’s first LGBT literary festival organized by a local NGO named Saathii.

A middle-aged man introducing himself as a homosexual and then talking about his life, his partner and the joy of coming out. “Today, my wife or husband even cooks dinner for my father and my family,” beamed the man, much to the chagrin of LGBT activists around. “Heteronormative,” they shouted. “Why do you need to give a label to your relationship?” asked an enraged lady.

High estrogenial aunty didn’t just stop there…

“Why do we have to define everything in heterosexual way?” she wanted to know. […]

“I know a label free world sounds very idealistic. But to the prehistoric man, the concept of a society must have sounded idealistic too. To progress we need to be idealistic,” she said.

In the end the one to put a lid on her raging hormones was a transgender activist…

“But I want labels and want to function within their spheres. I am a transgender who wants to be a wife to a man. Why is that wrong?” she asked. [Indian Express]

Honestly I side with the activist. As a Queer person my battle, as I see it is against those who are curbing my choices in the name of culture, religion, society, procreation, and effing etc etc. To me it’s about how I want to live my life…it’s my life. Now whether I am slotted under certain categories, or called by labels or choose to define my relationships the Heteronormative way; it’s my individual choice.

In plain words – call me a dyke and it won’t pinch my sensitive arse – but don’t you mess with my freedom.

So the moral of the story children is, Blue is the new Black word. And you have been warned.

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