Break Ups

Honestly speaking I find this word to be overly hyped. Almost two years ago my ex left me with two life changing statements as parting gifts;

1. You always have a choice

2. You are the center of your world

And believe you me, I have been living with these words ever since. So it pisses me to shits when I see people moping over break ups with no sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no way asking you to discount your feelings. It’s only natural to go through the self-pity track and by all means do so. But then be sensible enough to switch the track at the right time. Meaning; shit happens…you roll yourself init…then it gets unbearably stinky and *blink* you wake up…clean yourself and start afresh. Even if you were responsible for the shit in the first place.

I know it isn’t all that easy, remember been there…done that. But from experience I can also say it is all about another chance. And then again why should somebody from your past have the privilege of manipulating your emotions? Fucking no way.

As harsh as it may sound the fact remains; people come and go. They only stick around as long as they want to and you can do jack shit about it. So it is YOUR choice either to bury yourself sulking or look at the brighter side of life. Make yourself the center of your goals, progress, happiness and you will be invincible. Well almost.

To some I may sound like a wounded lover or someone in hiding from that thing we call “love” but I lie not, yes my two rules have their set of bad days. But on the other hand the good days outnumber them by a long margin.

So if you have been in the dead zone for long, high time you shake yourself up and get suited booted for another shity ride. After all what’s there to lose?

Ps – And always remember what the wise men said “There are plenty of fish in the sea”. Some far more exotic.

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