Busting The Top 6 Lesbian Myths

Stereotypes suck (quite literally). They limit our understanding of people and identities. We continue to hear a whole bunch of urban legends about lesbians. There exists some true ones – like lesbians have more orgasms. Yeah, that’s true. Scientists also agree. There also exists some untrue ones like lezzies do not have proper sex. Mmhmm, do you see the stupidity? So, we thought it’s about time some of the them were put to rest. This is our top, but by no means exhaustive, girl-on-girl myth busting guide.

Artwork By Debasmita Das : She is an aspiring animator and illustrator from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. A socially awkward extraordinaire, she likes exploring gender and sexuality in her work and plots how to befriend cats the rest of the time.

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