Cat Fight

[Guest Author : Saakshi O. Juneja]

Okay, so the title may sound a little inappropriate to some considering it’s technically not a fight between two cats; more like between a cat (Celina Jaitly) and a bag of old bones (Shobha De). Oh come on be nice now, Saks! It’s not like Ms. Jaitly has been taught to respect our elders but then I also believe that every now and then it’s not a bad idea to give certain elders a taste of their own dirty medicine. So here we go…

Bag of Bones was quoted saying this in one of her usual crappy piece of journalism –

Celina Jaitly spoke sense (she was clearly being prompted via text messages during Arnab’s show, but what the hell she played the messenger convincingly), could she not have dropped the blue contact lenses, fake lashes, crazy wig and caked make up? She wasn’t shooting an item song. For someone pretty smart and articulate, Celina often gets it completely wrong when it comes to putting herself together for sober occasions. Nothing a clued-in stylist can’t fix… but fast, please!!

Ouuuchhhh! Now I don’t know about you but to me this sounds so very crude. Personal attack. But fret not; the self-appointed Queer Ambassador no way took these insults lying down. In fact she gave it back as hard…

I feel, after reading Shobha aunty’s last column that she is taking a neutral stand (against the decision to make homosexuality legal in the county) to  keep both sides happy, until the supreme court decision comes through…. and then she will swing to whichever side of the grass is greener.

Sad, I expected much more from her. I guess Ms De lives to put down the film industry no matter what our contribution is. She should know we actors are people of the masses and classes, we see no race and no religion. All we see is how human we can be. No matter what their sexual orientation.

Articulate?! This is bloody hell WOW. The army lady may stink as an actress but can she talk back or whot?! I could very well imagine Shobha after reading Celina’s response squirming in over-tight designer blouse and thinking aloud “Uff aunty mat bolo na”.

On a serious note, Celina did make a valid point. Shobha aunty who usually never leaves an issue un-opinionated, surprisingly has chosen to keep her loud trap shut on the topic of IPC 377.

Now this neutral stand is to please a certain yogi guru? Or maybe politics is her next frontier and therefore… Who knows but one thing is for certain; its high time Ms. De rethinks her jabbing strategy because it’s coming across as nothing but haggish ranting. Not that her opinions were ever worthwhile, but surely she has seen brighter days.

So here’s the deal auntyji if you play dirty games you too get dirrrrty in the process. It would be nice to see you contribute something substantial (for a change) and not just nibble on Page 3 filth, we have had plenty of those already, no? And for crying out loud, get done with those leopard print saris, really. I mean, really.

And Celina baby, you rock honey!

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