Color Pink Done Wrong In Film “Ki And Ka”

Pink is Pink

In R Balki’s Ki And Ka;

Setting his case, Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) tells Kia (Kareena Kapoor) that he wants to be a housewife. Just to ensure she heard it all right, he calls her explaining that this doesn’t mean he’s gay, or likes pink. But, infact, he likes whisky and women (Awww, Macho Man subtleties…).

Now some may tell me to take a chill pill for he is JUST picking on a popular stereotype, but you see I have plenty of reasons to be upset here…

First and foremost color Pink is just a color Pink. Or is it copyrighted by any singular gender or sexuality?

Back in 2005 Saif Ali Khan (hint: film Salaam Namaste) showed us that (straight) men can give equal if not more respect love to color pink as their female counterparts.

This film is written, directed and produced by R. Balki. The same guy who made the very fantastic film Cheeni Kum. For crying out loud, his wife Gauri Shinde made the simple yet relatable film English Vinglish wherein the leading protagonist spoke of homosexual relationships as a “matter of fact”. Hence such silliness is hard to digest from otherwise liberal folks.

And last but most importantly, how is Ki And Ka breaking gender barriers when all it is doing is enforcing stereotypes? Which brings me back to my first point; color Pink is just a color Pink. Not copyrighted by Homosexual men and/or Women.

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