Coming Soon: Indian-American Lesbian Couple That Sued Washington State

Mala Nagarajan and Vega Subramaniam are often referred to as the “Indian-American Lesbian couple that sued Washington State.

The couple got married in the city-owned Seattle Aquarium in 2002, in what is popularly known as the first Hindu-Lesbian wedding in North America. They were happy and content celebrating their wedding with friends, family and the community and didn’t really care about legal recognition. “Personally, I would rather have the state be out of our personal relationship. As a feminist, I didn’t see marriage equality as a fight worth having, much less my fight” says Vega. But when a lawsuit was filed in 2004 challenging Washington’s 1998 Defense of Marriage Act, Mala and Vega were one of the six couples that were plaintiffs.

How was Mala and Vega’s Hindu-Lesbian wedding? What made them join the fight for Marriage Equality?

Mala and Vega are huge icons for the Desi LGBT community in the U.S, but their early lives were similar to those of many south-Asian queer kids. Growing up in “typical” South Indian, Tamilian families in the U.S, they had incredibly painful childhoods. They both grew up thinking that something was wrong with them and even wondered if they deserved to be alive. Vega never thought she could actually come out to her parents.

How did the closeted lesbian girls become the lesbians that sued Washington State?

When the couple met in 1996, Mala thought Vega was “too opinionated”. Now Mala and Vega have been together for 13 years!

How did the two fall in love? What is the secret to the success of their relationship?


‘Jab We Met’ , Couples interview with Mala & Vega :

This Valentine’s Day, is honored and very excited to bring you an exclusive interview with Mala Nagarajan and Vega Subramaniam. Their story is very inspiring and one that you don’t want to miss!

We are so grateful to Dr.L.Ramakrishnan from Chennai, who made this interview possible. Thanks so much, Ramki!

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