Dealing With Homophobia – A Video Guide

Studies show that most people around the world, irrespective of culture, geography or education, grow up questioning their sexuality or gender at one point or other in their lives. On the other hand, LGBT phobia, which is increasingly being classified as a real phobia that needs treatment, somehow swims by and thrives thanks to prejudice, ignorance and fear. Thanks to the Internet age though, there is a million more material today than there ever was to educate and demonstrate various facets of gender and sexuality. More importantly, it allows us to pick material, share and sensitize, depending on what we need. While sensitization and awareness extend miles beyond a simple video guide, we hope that this helps give some foothold in that journey.

Here’s a quick pick –

Is it a question of choice? An overview of homosexuality –

Made by the Human Rights Campaign, this video is a Hanna Barbera-styled animation on what homosexuality is, backed by facts, studies and findings. It’s a great place to get started for someone that you’ve come out to, who simply wants to understand more, or better yet for yourself if you’re questioning your own sexuality.



A beautiful documentation of how a single word can inflict unimaginable pain, this video is a great insight into gender identity and how we need to think twice before slurring. There is a great sister video to this as well where trans people respond to the word ‘passing’. Both these videos make great tools for anyone looking to start a conversation with their friends and/or family on gender identity and sensitivity.


Coming out in a Tamizh household –

Granted, this is more American-Indian than Indian, but the scenario transcends borders. It captures two reactions from parents when they hear their son is gay. Yes, it would have been great to see age-appropriate casting, but the second reaction poses questions that every parent should ask when a child comes out.


A Punjabi mom explains what homosexuality is in Punjabi –

This is fantastic material for anyone looking to help their parents understand sexuality and what it entails. One of the first reactions I’ve heard most parents give is the generation excuse, one that they can no longer hide behind thanks to this amazing woman. A great bridging of the generation gap for any parent who doesn’t want to be told by a bunch of kids, as they would see.


Things we’re tired of hearing –

Sometimes, even the most well-meaning of peeps tend to fall into loopholes of stereotypical comments. Need to give your coworkers or friends a list of things NOT to say to you? This should suffice. Or at least act as a start.




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