Dear Homophobes, Yes We Are Wrong

Everyday, I come across posts about rapes, suicides, murders and all of it is very heart breaking news. I cannot help myself writing this to all the homophobic people out there.

I accept I am wrong. What is my fault? I feel love for a person of the same gender as me. Similarly, many more people are wrong. Because they cannot help loving the person they do.

We are unnatural because we cannot produce babies. And if we cannot produce babies, your life is getting affected. And we are causing so much damage to all of you and I finally realize it now. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that your lives are getting ruined because of us.

You people are in the right. We should be treated like the lab rats. We should be given electric shocks to get our heads right and corrected. We should be raped and should be scarred for life. We should be hated so much and should face all the violence so that its unbearable and we commit suicide.

Like some of the countries it should be legal to kill us on sight. Because that is what we deserve for being homesexuals. No one should ever love beyond the prescriptive hetero normative norms, because love is a beautiful feeling reserved for the heterosexual society.

Have you ever loved someone my dearest homophobic people? If your answer is yes, then how can a heart that can love can also hate so much that it can become so very inhuman?

If a news report will say, “A brother raped her sister” the whole nation will go out to fight for her. But if the news just adds, “The girl was a lesbian”, how can you turn your faces and say, “She deserved it” ? If a news report says, “A boy got raped by his mother”, how can you laugh and say, “That’s the most ridiculous thing to say. A boy cannot be raped” ? But if he is gay? Where does your humanity go?

Not just LGBT community, but you people can ruthlessly murder a person who loves a person from other caste or religion. Does it not ever occur to you people that you are the ones doing something wrong?

I come across so many posts where people commit suicide because they couldn’t take the hate being imposed on them everyday. Does it not occur to you that you are being the reason for so many people giving up on their lives?

How can you give up on your child if they love someone whom you did not choose or approve? Did it never occur to you that the kid is your family? Just because he loves someone doesn’t mean that your child doesn’t love you. Don’t put your child in a situation where he has to choose between his breath and heartbeat. Your child cannot live without either of the two.

The only thing I want to say is, if torturing someone, molesting someone, raping someone, killing someone or forcing them to die is right, then I will happily stand up for the wrong. It’s time that you choose your side. Use your brain, be the human that you are. You will not get affected. Your life will not be affected.

And in the end, to all those who are fighting for their survival or have given up on their lives or have left the world, I’m sorry that, we as humans have failed you. May you people find some peace.

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