Dedication Poem : Since You Walked In…

[Editor’s Note : Anonymous emailed us in requesting to publish her poem for a special lady, who also happens to be a Gaysi reader. So here’s wishing her all the luck *fingers crossed*]

Concept of love and coffee

You walked in my life like a game of cards
Color co-ordinated.. betting on odds

Odds they were hence we met at a celebration again
That’s my favourite place ever since then

The conversation that night I loved though I don’t remember
There was the talk the laugh and there was you

Your call for the first coffee was a call of fate
How else could I eventually spend so many hours at a place I hate?

Be it walking the walk or talking the talk, I have loved every moment I have spent with you
Every time I meet you is a feeling so new

Moments I spend with you keep going away in an instant
Yet when you disappear, I don’t feel distant

I am a fool that I asked you out so casually the other day
I am writing this to ask you for one chance so I can make it special in every way

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