(Delhi) Dating Diaries

So what does one do when you go out on a date with someone special and new in your life? Am sure you guys can think of plenty naughty things to do with your Gaysi Girls but as far as the old-school-me goes, I like the slow and subtle build up of getting to know someone romantically . In this bizarre trippy world, where everything happens at a supersonic pace, it’s still fun to warm up to someone new without any rush of pace or agenda or plan (Well, I do have my wedding planned for 2013..but hey that’s another story).

Like any average single-ready-to-mingle person, my closet is also full of horrific dating stories (with men and women). Be it a 3am marine drive all night adventure-expecting he would pop the question any second-to finding out he was gay, to meeting someone so obnoxious and conceited that I couldn’t even carry on a ten minute conversation during dinner (and trust me I can talk endlessly), to meeting a bra-burner feminist who wanted to kill all corporate enterprise and boycott all meat serving places)…My list can go on and on. But that’s not the purpose of this post.

This post is about the crazy things I would like to do with that special Gaysi in what I consider one of the most romantic cities in our country (especially in the winters). And why do I care about this list? Not because I am celebrating news that Google has bought the Zagat survey restaurant guides (and that with access to greater resources we stand to have our own Google- Zagat Restaurant guides in India shortly) but because of the wonderfully ‘hetronormative’ world that we live in.

For those unfamiliar with this word (as was I until recently), it’s a term used to describe a set of lifestyle norms that hold that heterosexuality is the accepted or normal way of living in a society. So while everytime I flip through a magazine, and get annoyed at the tonne of straight dating guides, here is my take on breaking away from our ‘hetronormative’ world and sharing a page off my Gaysi: (Delhi) Dating Diaries (though not necessarily in the order of presentation as listed below). Fair warning, the list is a lil eclectic and crazy. Also, I guess it could apply to straight people as well.

Date One: Strolling around Lodhi Gardens just before it gets dark to discover the beauty of the gardens spread across the brilliantly illuminated tombs built by the Lodhi and Sayyid kings (just when it gets dark).

Date Two: Lazy Sunday Champagne brunch at Setz in DLF Emporio. The seven world cuisine menu is really very good (though a bit heavy on the pocket). This one is saved for days when I am not so broke. Alternatively, Parsi food or Biryani from Andhra Bhawan (for the days I am broke).


Date Three: Long car ride in the girl’s Audi or Alto (whatever the girl may have) and sitting in the passenger seat listening to good music enjoying her company.

Date Four:  Going to Nizam’s for kathi kebabs. Totally Drunk.

Date Five: Chandni Chowk ambling about adventures. Paranthe-walli galli and Jalebi’s too.

Date Six: Attending Jahan-e-Khusrau sufi music festival against the backdrop of the beautiful Humayun’s tomb. Constructed in the Mughal architecture style, with its imaginative melding of Indian and Persian styles, just walking down here is pretty enchanting.

Date Seven: Watching a Spanish flick at the Spanish Cultural Centre (and not understanding a word).

Date Eight: Visiting the flower market @5:30 am while totally drunk again.

Date Nine: Discovering Pahargunj and its tiny German cafe’s. And the shady back alleys.


Date Ten: Visiting Daryaganj to buy old books followed by Coffee @ Mocha Art House.

Date Eleven: (the average Gaysi dating chronicles don’t last more than ten dates. So I stop here. Hehehe.)



So that was my soppy list dear fellow Gaysi’s. Whilst, I dream of these wonderful dates with someone special in Delhi, what’s your idea of a fun date? Be it in Bombay, Madras, Chandigarh, London or NY? With busy work schedules and self obsessed dragon bosses, this sure was a fun way to focus on the good stuff life has to offer.

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