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Amidst all the shit that has been going on in India, one thing that stands out like a sore thumb (a very beautiful one at that) is the youth of this country. I haven’t been physically present in any of the protests happening, but my privileged ass has been privy to the ongoings, through social media and newspapers. And there’s one thing that is very hard to not notice. The youth.

You know how it was always a big deal that our country has a very young population, and that that’s our  prime asset which will ultimately lead us to progress? This statement was always true, but you never really saw it happening with so much obviousness. This statement is now seeing blatant practicality.

When I see hordes of people gathering at Azad Maidan, Gateway of India, and several other parts of this country, there’s one truth that stares back at me. The fervour and tenacity of the people who are going out there, braving the cold winter (or the scorching sun, in case of Mumbai) with placards held high, each one with a witty yet powerful message, some using cardboards from the Amazon delivery boxes so they can save paper, some reading poetry, some singing songs, some just being there, showing their solidarity to an issue that doesn’t affect them directly, but affects the people of their country.

The current political scenario is alarming and dangerous, but what a great time to be alive! Because we are the people, we are what our democracy is built on. This young blood cannot be tamed, they cannot be made to stoop. They didn’t know they were patriotic until being patriotic was the only way to be. They didn’t know they cared so much about their constitution,  or about the students that were being attacked in another part of the country, but they did know humanity. And when they saw humanity being toppled under fascism and mindless violence, they showed up! And they showed up how!

The glory of the youth of this country shines through the current grim oppression like a burning bright star, and the chants of Inquilab zindabad and Azaadi echoes in every corner, falling into the ears of those who are still silent. And these echoes will ensure that a peaceful tomorrow will come. It may not be easy, it may take us some time, but we will put up a good fight before we see our democracy getting tainted like this. We recited the Indian pledge every day in school, we will not sit idle and watch our country being thrown off the foundation it was built on.

Change is coming. Ask the people on the streets, they are the ones who will bring it.

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