Desi Trans Men Who Are Breaking Barriers

Okay huns, can we like forget about Fawad Khan or a Ryan Gosling for once? All your standard cis-male hotties need a break from the hot tamale listicles they pop up on for you girls and gay boys to swoon over.

Instead, let’s check out some amazing trans-men who are taking the world by storm. They too could be like Michelangelo’s David, bodies sculpted à la perfection. Or possess that cute-boy-next-door charm straight out of a YA series. From gymbods to activists to bloggers – the trans community has a Prince Charming for all your wishes! Here is my handpicked list of trans men #breakingbarriers.


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Aryan Pasha

Aryan Pasha is your hunky-dory bodybuilder and LLB-graduate who could put you in a stranglehold, physically and legally, if you dare mess with him! Aryan was resolute about his gender identity since childhood and was recognized as a boy throughout his school days. He was an exceptional competitive skater, however, he grew increasingly despair at being considered as a ‘female’ for his achievements and eventually quit the sport. With support from his stepmom, he came out as trans and began transitioning medically at the age of eighteen. After completing his LLB from Rizvi Law College in Mumbai, Aryan joined MARG, working towards the legal empowerment of LGBT community. He recently quit his corporate pursuits to pursue his passion for bodybuilding and plans on opening his own gym franchise in the NCR next year. His Insta profile @aryanpasha is all muscle, all pecs (my, my, my!)!


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Vihaan Peethambar

Vihaan Peethambar is your thickset dapper Mallu homeboy who can carry himself in a lungi better than SRK any day! Vihaan came out as transgender in July 2015. While he was fortunately blessed with a supportive family, the queer activist and communications professional had to fight the Indian bureaucracy to get his legal name and gender changed. Besides blogging occasionally, Vihaan is a member of Queerala – an LGBTIQ support group in Kerala and continues to be a figure of inspiration for trans-people across India. Plus, he identifies as a queer feminist (more yay)! Follow his Insta handle @vihaan_peethambar.


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Manpreet Singh Virk

Manpreet Singh Virk is a California-based Sikh Queer Trans spoken word artist, poet, performer, and writer. As a child, he wanted to become the powerful yet kind Goten from Dragon Ball Z. His dreams came crashing down around adolescence as he began experiencing traumatic gender dysphoria. Years later, during a class on human sexuality in the second year of college, Manpreet came across the word ‘transgender’. With unfailing support from his siblings, mother and stepfather. Today, he retains the long hair and the warrior spirit of Goten and captivates the world through the power of his poetry, which he has been writing since he was eleven. Now 23, Manpreet is the author of Singh is Queer, a captivating collection of poems on a wide range of topics including rape culture, colonialism, racism, homophobia, spirituality, survival, and liberation. Check out his Insta handle @singhiqueer.



Jamal Siddiqui

Lastly, there’s Jamal Siddique whose journey is nothing short of inspiring! Jamal was brought up in a conservative household and was shunned by most of his family and friends for his gender identity. He ended up dropping out of his college in Ahmedabad and then left his home, completing his graduation through distance education. He also began teaching children during the same time so he could gather funds for his surgery. Soon after shifting to Delhi in 2015, Jamal began his hormone replacement therapy, however he discontinued it in the same year after experiencing excruciating pain. Two years later, he decided to give himself a second chance and documented his experience this time through his own blog and YouTube page. Jamal hasn’t looked back since. Now 26, he actively campaigns for trans rights in various conferences, support groups, and websites. A self-described demisexual queer trans nerd, Jamal loves to read spiritual books and watch sci-fi movies and is super-fond of cats. Plus, he’s taken!

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