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If there’s ever a real tragedy in life – it is desire. To desire someone, some thing, and pining one’s hopes and happiness to it is one epic mistake we all make. Many philosophers, monks, and gurus have asked humans to let go of desire. Oh or rise above it. Like it is that simple. Duh!

Some smart ass would say wanting to let go of desire is also a desire. Sigh!

But coming back to the point – is it true that desire is fundamental to human existence? When I think of it, it kind of makes sense. Even a simple atom works on desire. Electron has a desire to run away as if the poor proton is some ex you can’t bear to stand while proton continues its desire to hold on – like some creepy ex. Yeah. The analogy probably sucks but it makes an atom an atom. You know what I mean? And these million atoms make up cells make up one organ that desires to be a certain way, and if interrupted…. Tick tock tick.

I think to desire is to be alive. It makes one want to take up things, look forward to tomorrow’s, rejoice the learnings of the past in order to do better or understand better. See desire?

Surprisingly, this is one strong emotion that you would notice in all pages of the latest third edition of The Gaysi Zine. It is astonishing to see how desire is the very fabric of all our narratives. Every narrative wants, not always to do, but something to be.

There are chapters that carry the desire that makes one rational, and there are some that carry the power to make one irrational too! How often do we come across stories that reflect what desire does to reality? This zine carries the voices of desire as a creative, and productive element. The illustrations carry desire in silence. This collection makes me wonder about one thing – do desires make me? And some sense of the world around me?

Wanna join the wonderland? Buy your copy here and tell us what you think.


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