Dirrrty T

“I love the way you kiss my mouth”…“Touching your body makes me”…“I so wanna go down on you”.

Yeah, my girlfriend loves to talk dirty in bed. It drives me crazy and is a big big turn on for me! But it wasn’t like that from the beginning. I used to get embarrassed and nervous (anything worthwhile is usually nerve-wrecking!! – remember good old days?). But she made me realize that talking dirty doesn’t have to be all sleazy and nasty. It could be as simple as a murmuring “I love you” during one of those intimate moments to “I love when you do that” to …. Yes, you get the picture!

Though I still find myself at a loss for words sometimes and call her shameless (she is gifted, you see) but I am learning the game. And I must confess, it has added so much playfulness to our relationship and added to the rich mixture of erotic experience. I feel more bonded on both physical and emotional levels. We talk about our desires, crazy fantasies and it feels super duper sexy.

Anyway, I shall take you straight to the day when my friends and I had an enlightening conversation on this topic. I was in for a bummer when my best friend told me that she doesn’t enjoy doing the dirty T!!! Why? O Why? Was drumming loudly in my head and that’s when she told us that it makes her laugh. She preferred (his) hands and tongue to do the talking.

Then another contributed by confessing that she loves talking dirty in desi dialect. It is more raunchy, sensual an adds the big “O” in your “o”. And it felt like breaking the norms ‘coz from the time we reach puberty we are taught that “sex talk” in any form is against our Bharatiya culture.

Now the second one’s confession to me kinda fell flat. In the sense we are used to watching explicit sexual episodes unfolding in Hollywood movies but looking closer at home; Bollywood’s interpretation is pretty much limited to sweaty backs, creaking sound of the bed & birds singing the morning after.

But the shocker of all was the third confession. For this girl friend the dirty T was happening only in the bed. Otherwise it was a definite “No”. And I could see the remaining pals nodding their head in agreement.

Now this did not gel with me at all. I believe it’s all about taking the passionate game to a higher level. And passion isn’t just restricted to the bed, now is it?

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