Dirty Talk 5.0 & This Is How We Rolled!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! For us at Gaysi…needless to say, it was one heck of a Sunday evening. And this is minus the Ganesh Visarjan Musical & the Rain God’s special version of “Sawan barso” adding their bit to the city. From an organizer’s perspective, Dirty Talk 5.0 progressed through the evening quite smoothly. And the credit for this goes to three sets of groups;

The Venue Management – Barking Deer Brewpub : By far the best and most cooperative, Queer friendly venue we have dealt with.

The Performers – From the invited lot to those who where selected by us based on their entry requests. THANK YOU FOR NOT CANCELLING ON US & DOUBLE THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO MADE TIME FOR REHEARSAL.

The Audience – Supportive and fantastic as always. A big mushy hug to our regulars *you know who you are*. And then there are the hecklers (yes a random few) who complained about the excessive usage of words like “clits”, “dicks”, “pussies”, etc. Shocking! I know..especially when the event is called “DIRTY TALK”. This however reinforces only one point that where schools, colleges and home fail to educate their individuals on matters related to Sex, Gender & Sexuality….a space like Dirty Talk needs to do the do.

….and before I digress further, please find below our accounting for the event.

Funding for Queer Azadi Mumbai (QAM) :
Total Turnout : 306 nos (approx)
Paid Entry :  257 nos
Non-Paid Entry (Performers & Helpers) : 49 nos

Money collected : Rs. 101,350
GAYSI Expenses : Rs. 46,150
Collection from 2 QAM Boxes : To Be Counted During Next QAM Meeting
MONEY GIVEN TO QAM : Rs. 25,000 (As oppose to earlier committed amount of Rs. 15,000).

And before I pop in another aspirin for the killing hangover, a special shout out to Yuki for being a fabulous compere (yet again), to Gaysi Team Members who came down from Delhi & Chennai especially for this event & the lovely Shruta for introducing QAM & Pride 2014 to the DT audience.

Peace Out!

Team Gaysi


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[Thank You Prashansa Gurung for amazing pictures yet again]
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