Dirty Talk 6.0 : January 31st, 2014 : Call For Entries


Q. What happens when you criminalize the gays? 

A. You have rainbow prison outfits! How wonderful!

Ladies, Gentlemen, Criminals! Welcome back to the 6th edition of Dirty Talk! As you may have heard, the highest court of the land has just criminalized …umm…everyone. Yet, being the real troopers that we all are, when the law takes away our liberty and freedom, we come back with more humor, snark and fabulousness.

In 2014, we are bigger, badder, bolder but most importantly we have grit, drive and determination to be dirty the only we know how to – By being ourselves.

Its been a long while since back in the day during the first pride in 2009 where we last walked as proud and gay convicts with rainbow stripes. Now having gone back and totally not being okay with it, it’s time to stand in solidarity and have our voices resonate louder through the streets ( ok, microbreweries) of Mumbai.

Join us at Dirty Talk 6.0 on Friday, 31st January 2014 as we parade our haute new rainbow prison outfits.

From my humorous disposition, you can probably see that I am already practicing my stand up act for the evening (fingers crossed, I am not booed off the stage). But Gaysi wants you! If you are interesting in performing, no better time than now to be heard.

Send us an email with a copy of your act and become infamous. A little bit of ass kissing (puns intended) and bribery might even launch your career into overdrive (although MJ is a very hard person to please – gay lord do I know that!)

Few things to keep in mind:

1. Send us your entries at gaysifamily[at]gmail[dot].com

2. Only original Queer content

3. Please remember that your gloriousness will only be allowed a maximum of 5 minutes of performance time. We have limited time and multiple royal acts to accommodate.

4. You are not allowed to read out from a piece of paper, so start memorizing your pieces. Bonus points to those who can dramatize their piece.

5. We will be running rehearsals where the performers can practice their pieces and Miss Universe victory waves.


6. Last date for submitting entries is – 10th January, 2014

So come forward, and lets be fabulous!

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