Dirty Talk 8.0 : Save The Date & Call For Enteries


Poster designed by Fish Head//Poem by John Donne

A Call For Dirty Talk 8 Parodies

Cool Mumbai breeze
Queer poets sneeze,
Much Dirty. Such Talk..

2015 is new
Back we are fresh, we put lines
On You. On You.

On January 23rd
To Dirty and beyond we go,
Perform you will, no?

Send us your poetic sneeze
Trial room is must ok please
Buzzfeed fame shall follow

For those of you who didn’t follow our very, very hard (and possibly terrible) try at Haiku, basically we are baaaaaack! Dirty Talk returns for the eighth time, but poetically so…with a them of words (dirty), poems (also dirty), parodies (think air sex!), sing song and much much more.

Got something you want to perform? Have you always dreamt of being on the stage? Want to play the imitation game? Or make that Saturday Night Live…well, on a Friday? Well, here’s your chance! Send in your entries to gaysifamily[at]gmail[dot]com before January 5 to be a part of the show. We will audition you. We will pull a Simon on you (we are divas after all). But at the end of it, we will have you ready for stardom! On Reddit.


  • It should be as per the theme. Last date to send in entry is 5th January. We will accept performances with poetic undertone such as – Poetry, Slam Poetry, Monologue, Musical Parody, Song and anything else you can think of. 
  • Email us your request to perform : gaysifamily[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Once you are selected, there will be a rehearsal a week prior to the event so watch out for that.
  • No blatant bigotry or homophobia/transphobia allowed unless it is an artistic or aesthetic component in the performance itself.


Save The Date

For the rest of you, block your dates and stay tuned for tickets sales going live on the 5th. You know the rule; you snooze, you lose your ticket to Dirty Talk and then you will be crying and your friends will tell you about what an awesome event it was and all the fun they had and basically, you’re screwed. So, don’t snooze.
But if you are a poet, you can sneeze. Much Dirty. Such Talk.

Ok! See you all on January 23.

PS – send in your entries NOW NOW NOW!

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