Dirty Talk : A Little Bit (Sunday, 3rd March 2013)


“Dirty Talk: A Little Bit”

An original evening of spoken word, poetry, & song
by and for our LGBT community
3rd March 2013 (Sunday)
(Santacruz West)


It’s almost like we just can’t get enough of Talking Dirty. It’s barely been a month and we’re back again for another edition of Dirty Talk. But this time, we’re playing it a bit differently.

Yes, yes, we know. “But what’s the theme, yaar?” You’ll probably remember the infamous MTV Roadies episode where the usual bullying duo took down yet another kid because she wanted to be referred to as ‘she’.

In an alternate universe, Dirty Talk would subject the Pitiful Actor and Balding Bull (Pitiful Bull? Pit Bull? Get it? Bah!) to a screen test devised by the Butch-Femme team of Gaysi Family guaranteed to make everyone cry… with laughter. But in this universe the two are well known for being so Dirty, that we are often forced to wash out our eyes and ears (and their mouths) with soap after an episode of Roadies. So we voted to eliminate them even before a preliminary screening.

Instead, we decided our theme will be all about celebrating gender of every kind. This time, Dirty Talk is all about a bit of me, a bit of you, a bit of them and a bit of all of us. Instead of the usual call-out for artists, we already have a fantastic line up of artists who have signed up to perform a bit for us. And because we are generous by nature, here’s a little peek-a-boo(b):

Vasuda Sharma
Ayush Shrestha
Aditi Mittal
Sorabh Pant

For more details, have a look at the poster.

As always, all proceeds from your donations will go to a Queer support group – Umang (A young support group for the LBT).

So if you’re looking to have a bit of fun and do a bit of charity, be there!

Facebook Invite 



* 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Umang
* Entry fee of Rs. 150 (on RSVP) & Rs. 200 (at the door)
* Happy Hour (5.30PM-6.30PM):
– Buy One Get One Free on Selected Cocktails.
– Buy Two Get One Free on Selected Beer
– 15% Discount on Food

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