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Since the time we have started going out, I have been teasing requesting my girlfriend to get her beloved pooch “P” mated. I don’t want any bad karma affecting our indoor activities, and yes you have the liberty to call me a weirdo, but when it comes to S-E-X, I’d rather play it safe then be screwed over by canine curses.

Poodle2 But, according to P’s overly possessive owner, in the past, several attempts to get him knocked up have gone down the drain. No matter how pretty and/or horny the Lassie is, she failed to tickle our man’s fancy let out alone strike a chord down there (if you know what I mean). At times hopes were raised with a little butt sniffing, only to be later shattered by puppy face rejection, later. Oh yeah, he’s an absolute gentleman by nature.

Based on this knowledge and as per own personal interaction with P, I have come to conclude that our dearest darling could very well be Gay. Nah nah, don’t act all funny now. Haven’t you heard the phrase – “like mommy like puppy”? Okay, so I just made that up but if New York Times’s recent article, Can Animals Be Gay? is anything to go by, then P’s dream of hooking up with a macho slobbering male could soon be a reality.

Laura Bush praised Laysan albatross couples for making lifelong commitments to one another. Lindsay C. Young, a biologist who studies the Kaena Point colony, told me: “They were supposed to be icons of monogamy: one male and one female. But I wouldn’t assume that what you’re looking at is a male and a female.”

In the course of her doctoral work, Young and a colleague discovered, almost incidentally, that a third of the pairs at Kaena Point actually consisted of two female birds, not one male and one female. [Link]

First dolphins, now birds and who knows tomorrow dogs could also join the list. But until then I can’t let my karma account be suspended by a loose thread, now can I? So making fullest use of the Gaysi platform that supports Love, Sex aur Dhoka without any prejudice, I urge my fellow Queer citizens to help find P a suitable male mate.

Breed, Colour & Age hold no bar.

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