Echoing Voices

You march the streets,
One foot after the other,
Dropping glitter as you wander.
You smile so wide
The entire world freezes for a while.

You spread your pride flags,
As wide as your wings.
I watch you from
Behind the curtains,
With jealousy laced in adulation.

I live in the silences,
Between the could have said and should have said.
The altered pronouns of my lover
Find their way in my small talks.
I don’t even seem to notice anymore,
How easily her turn to his.

I draw out my sword,
And get ready for the fight,
But your post keeps knocking at my door
Calling out my name,
Breaking in my mind and stealing my thoughts.
So I sink back down and share it instead.

Your voice reflects off every corner.
My whispers start trickling down my throat.
I move back into the shadows,
For you to emerge in the light.

I wish I could be as bold as you,
Scream as coherently as you,
But all I have is a wave of volcanic anger
Trapped in the closet of my heart.

You see, you are an uproar,
And I am just another echo for you to amplify.

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An emotional shipwreck trying to make sense of the world around. She has one foot firmly placed inside the closet and the other is dangling mid-air. She believes in equality and supports her cat in all his endeavours.

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