Fighting Into Oblivion : A Tribute to Suzette Jordan


*I must credit this title to another friend from whom I have borrowed this title. I think it fits this story well*

At first you had to fight as a single mother to feed your family of 3, which you did well. Then you sought to be happy after your husband left you, a mere human instinct; unfortunately we all know what you found that fateful night.

You fought to get yourself out of that car before the horrific rape happened, but a gun in your face made you decide between rape and death. At least with rape, you could still be around for your children.

Afterwards, you fought to find your way home from a deserted highway, instead of lying there like a pile of dirt that your abusers clearly thought you were. Little did they know who they had picked a battle with.

You fought to have your case filed in a room full of male police officers, all blaming you for going to a nightclub. “A decent woman doesn’t go to a discotheque.”

You fought back even as Mamata Banerjee blamed you for defaming the Trinamool Congress Party and as her herd of zombies protested outside your house. These are the shining examples of female leaders that India produces.

You fought the humiliation as your underwear was flailed around court and analysed as if it was the sole piece of evidence that the case had to offer. Because a rape kit is never enough.

You fought when people accused you for lying about the names of the rapists, when in fact you were given fake names to begin with. Women will always fake rape, but men will NEVER fake their names in order to score some sex?

You fought for your family as you tried to find employment. Sympathy and love cannot pay the bills. But who wants to ruin the reputation of their company by hiring a rape victim?

When Nirbhaya’s case made headlines, you took your fight to the forefront. You came out of the shadow of the tag ‘Park Street Victim’, and began to fight the battle once again as Suzette Jordan.

As if the fight for yourself was not enough, you fought on behalf of others too. Your voice became the voice of women who did not have your strength.

And all of this you did while fighting your own inner demons and nightmares.

You fought and fought for three long years, but was the fight worth it? Justice was not served and two of the perpetrators still roam free. It may have seemed like you fought your way into oblivion.

I wish I could tell you that your fight did not go in vain. Your courage and resilience has made an impact on a lot of people around you and we will carry on your legacy and your fight in the best manner we can. We will not bend down, we will not shut up, and more than anything there is no going back.

Today you fought your last fight against a brutal disease. Given how this country and its justice system have treated you, I personally believe that you are in a better place. You fought a long hard battle, and now it’s time for the rest of us to carry it forward.

We will not stand by and take this nonsense anymore.

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