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An interesting conversation with a biologist friend. His point:

When we talk of heterosexual relationships (from an Indian perspective), our thoughts are mostly centred around terms like compatibility, personality, profession, education and such like. Sex, though a very important factor doesn’t hold much weight age (because saying it out loud is paap no?).

But when we speak of Homosexuality….

S-E-X is where everything starts and ends. Somehow it seems our society simply can’t comprehend the fact that a Queer relationship is also nothing but union of two individuals.

Funny no, a simple understandable fact barely has any takers in this country. If people of the world need some lessons in double standards, India is the place to be.

Worse yet, forcing their way into people’s lives, bedrooms, private spaces is becoming a rising trend for politically inclined religious fuckers.

So while our esteemed Government(s), Judicial System and Police Force continue with their age-old “hum dekhenge, hum soochenge, hum karenge” approach. This is what you could should do.

Join the Pink Chaddi movement.

pinkchaddiThe logic behind the campaign is fairly shakhahari; it’s all about showing some lurvee to our (in) famous saffron brothers aka. Shri Ram Sena. Why? Because we think it will add some color to their…Er…dull persona.

How it works?

Fairly simple; Sistas look for your old, torn, period stained…whatever the state, pink chaddis. Brothers are also encouraged to dig deep in their closets (don’t worry yeh andar ki baat rahegi) or buy some really cheap (pink) chaddis from the market and send them over to:


The Pink Chaddi Campaign,
C/O Alternate Law Forum,
122/4 Infantry Road
(opposite Infantry Wedding House)
Bangalore 560001
Contact person: Nithin (9886081269)


To know more, visit the Pink Chaddi Blog.


Lastly, in the words of a wise lady – Go forth and chaddify.

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