Freedoms Right

Searching and seeking,
Wandering and dreaming,
Endless nights trapped in endless fights,
With my conscience,
While my body lies sleeping.

Staring into that screen as it stares back,
Images of potential lovers lie in one stack,
How glorious is technology in our time!
With a simple click, I choose my valentine.

Then we release our fuel and ignite our fire,
The true power of our world is human desire,
The night is filled with a breathless sigh,
Until dawn beckons, the climax is nigh.

And then I lie in discontent,
To satisfy my need, dignity I’ve spent,
But I’ve stopped caring of what morality has to say,
Ultimately I am the one, who must walk this way,
So I waltz from one arm to another,
My heart turns cold with every new lover,
I am obsessed with human temptation,
This amorous play is my minds sedation.

Loving and learning,
Cooling and burning,
Everlasting sorrow within a lucid tomorrow,
Until my soul is redeemed,
By my true yearning.

I do wish for a family someday,
When I grow old as the youth begin to play,
Such a specter seems unreal,
But reality can exist in the desperate surreal,
So hope shall be my constant prayer,
Sensuality shall be my constant dare,
And in this world I will find a home,
A home where I will never be alone,
Where my kind will exist free,
Where I will never face persecution for being me,
Where no more darkness invades my spirit,
Where the pleasures of man will be infinite.

I hope this life brings me this treasure,
So the triumph of my struggle will be a measure,
To reunite my body and soul,
And I will once again become whole.

Thrusting and combusting,
Trusting and distrusting,
A constant banging while boots are hanging,
And the fever of intimacy calms my lusting.

Amidst the crowd I disappear,
Deep in thought, I reappear,
Sexuality is my sacred guardian,
Beware the sting of my mighty scorpion,
In the bed of union I prance around,
Searching for an answer that does not want to be found,
Where the ones I wanted fulfill my want,
And the ones I flaunted never come to haunt,
Where bodies collide and liquids commute,
Where hands and feet wander up a dangerous route,
Where tongues mingle and lips tingle,
And sparks in your eyes begin to twinkle,
Where swords of glory clash rigidly,
And the elixir of passion pumps rhythmically.

In this one moment the world stands still,
And all my woes disappear in that thrill.

Living and giving,
Kissing and wishing,
My day will shine when love I find,
And my heart will stop fishing.

No more empty beds where shadows lie,
No more tears where hope starts to die,
No more ‘no’ to my ambition,
No more blurs to my vision.

Promises are fulfilled and followed through,
And life has a chance to begin anew.

I will never give into the circling vulture,
Be it religion, society, laws or culture,
They may break my body and burn my skin,
But they can never dominate my spirit within.

I will chant this mantra to my own,
And hope my brothers follow my tone:

“I am here standing true,
I have not wronged for what I do,
I am here for what I am,
I am not the sin of man,
I will soar to my greatest height,
I will glow in the darkest night,
Let fear be vanquished from my sight,
For I am born with true freedoms right!”

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