Gay By Default

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For straight people who show even an interest in such issues. Like with this very article for example, I just posted the link on my Facebook, and within ten minutes I have a friend who comments, “Why you supporting LGBTs so much? You changed your orientation or what?” And I’m pretty sure most of those who didn’t dare to comment, at least for a moment considered that I may be gay. [Link]

Now I don’t know how often this happens outside but in India it’s very much a common occurrence i.e. Gay by default. Yup slotting people in the “Gay” category not because of their sexual orientation but based rather on their (simplest of) association with the Queer world.

A close friend of mine who happens to be a well-known blogger in the desi-blogdom has many a times been questioned by her readers, friends and even her family over her constant support for the Gay community via her writings on her blog. For many I guess it’s just not easy to digest the fact that voicing one’s opinion on a subject doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to be directly involved init. Meaning, you don’t have to be a victim of domestic violence or eve-teasing or dowry harassment to show your support for these social causes. Uniting against the shit-holes of the so-called modern society & helping those suffering is what makes us human.

Similarly only Queers encourage Queer movement is not true. Straight people can do too and that to without having any side-effects.

And it would come as no surprise that many gay-friendly folks prefer to stay quiet or show their in-difference just because of this homophobic “Gay by default” attitude. To which I can sympathise with, I know it’s not a bliss to be poked around but my only request to you straight guys is that – screw the damn homophobes and stand by what you believe in – after all you must be the change to wish to see – right?

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