Gaysi and Patchworks Present: Read Out Loud – A Theatre Workshop


This edition of the ‘Read Out Loud’ is different from its previous avatars. For this evening, we would like you all to cavort with us and play games, engage in experiential activities, understand devised theatre, share their dislike of gender stereotypes and explore the nuances of body image and sexuality through the lens of Gender.

The world thinks of Gender in binaries, but we know that there are many more ways of understanding reality, which are just as “real” or “true” but reveal divergent angles to us.

So, shall we pick these binaries, instill some thinking and look closely at what we see, understand and feel? Let us all recognise the multiplicity and fluidity inherent in a sensitive and educated understanding of Gender.

On Sunday, May 24th – Join us at, ‘The Bandra Base’, Bandra from 4PM-5:30PM pm with nothing but a receptive mind and zeal for lots of fun running wild through your veins.

Registration is compulsory for this event so please send an email to *seats are limited.*

Every one gets to be a Hero this evening…. and there will be no censorship.

Bring your friends or just amble in along to make some – We will be there, not just in black and white, but also pink and yellow as always!

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About Patchworks Ensemble

Started by Puja Sarup and Sheena Khalid, the Patchworks Ensemble is a young theatre company that strives to create relevant and surprising theatre. Our work is process based, starting with explorations and workshops, from which emerges art that is organic and is owned by all the artist and collaborators involved. We deconstruct the norm of single authorial head and strive towards collaborative endeavours. The Patchworks Ensemble offers a unique theatre experience, which lays importance on the actor’s body and comes alive in the audience’s imagination. We aim to create an environment where the artist feels safe to take risks with their work. In our on-going search for both artistic and intellectual collaboration, we are looking for people who share our love for playfulness, spontaneity and our celebration of life in all its simplicities and complexities alike.

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