Gaysi Erotica, My Two Bits

Dear All,

One has to realize that everyone has their own story, and when we peg any one person’s point of view as the definitive and only one, we are asking for trouble. We exist along a spectrum, and thank god for that. The world would be a boring place if we all agreed about everything. So, if I may add my two cents.

I grew up wishing I could read more dyke erotica, and if it were desi on top of all of that, well, then…it probably would have blown my mind. I know I would have had less years in between being in the closet and being out, thinking that I was a misfit or some deviant of my culture and society.

I think it’s unfortunate that the act of sex be thought of as dirty or sinful. What’s so sinful about two consenting adults who come together and give each other pleasure? Sex is as important as love, and love without sex…well, that’s just platonic then isn’t it? Why do we shroud ourselves in secrecy?

I applaud the editors for taking the bold step to publish these stories. They are making a statement in the current context but the intention was never to stir up controversy – although I guess that is an inevitable consequence. These are my stories and the stories I want to read. Are they erotic? Of course they are. Will they piss some people off? Hell yes. But if we stop putting more stories like these out there – love, sex, whatever you want – we will be the losers in the end.

As for others accepting us…well, they have sex too don’t they? And you can be pretty sure they’ve all watched porn and read dirty novels too at some point in their lives. Extremes aside, media – be it TV, movies, ads, commercials, magazines – puts “normative” sexuality in our faces every day. They don’t hear us cribbing and whining about it now do they?

Thanks for reading! That’s all from me, for now.

Sasha Bings

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Sasha Bings was born in England in 1980, but her family returned to India when she was 16. She escaped two years later to study psychology and creative writing in the United States, coming back to Bombay as a fully-fledged lesbian in her mid-twenties. Like most of us, she has a day job, but writes short stories on her blackberry when she’s stuck in traffic, or late at night before she falls asleep. She used to meditate, but she found writing stories to be much more cathartic. Sasha blesses all her ex-loves for teaching her that life goes on. These stories are dedicated to them. She lives with her two cats, Minks and Kinks, and parrot, Sing-Song.
Sasha Bings

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