Gaysi Family 2010 Review: Opinion

Fact 1: Gaysis have Opinions.

Fact 2: By God! They have plenty of them !!

A few days ago, when Chicklet came up with the idea to do a Best-Of-2010-on-GaysiFamily-In-Review in each of the sections… It appeared perfectly straightforward. I thought “Heck, I read every single thing on Gaysi , I am just going to pick all my posts as the best.” Apparently, my co-author on this piece [In heart & spirit only, I assure you] Rashmi, had the same ‘diabolical idea’. Her exact words were “I am sure you will do a great job! [ps – In the corporate world that means ‘Don’t bother me. Can’t you do such a simple task?’]”

So I ploughed on with Rashmi’s words playing on my mind whining occasionally to her that “Its not that easy!!… Why wasn’t it easy ? Because Gaysis have plenty of amazing things to say and I, on my good conscience, could not pick a few choice posts that I believe stood out more than others! Hence, I decided –  Why not share with you my process of wading through Gaysi Family’s Opinion posts in 2010 ? If at all I had a takeaway from this odd task it was the eye-opening, enlightening, enlivening process of re-reading all the articles where the strength of words and words alone rang proud and true.

Armed with IMovie, A Word Document and a constantly looping Christmas Tune  – I attempted to recreate the same for you Gaysi readers in the video below. Feel free to pause and read the words you see at length. And if you are sufficiently inspired by these voices, perhaps you may let us hear yours too.

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