Gaysi Makes Headlines

We finally did it. We are famous. Fellow readers, it gives me immense pride to inform you that our beloved blog, Gaysi has managed to make it to the headlines of a leading daily. Yipppeeee!

*Virtual slap on the butt* Ouch! Hmm….okay, maybe not the headlines and in all honesty it’s not even a leading daily, well not anymore *Virtual slap on the butt* Aaaaoooouch! Damn you Broom!

Fine…fine. Let’s start it clean, shall we?

Fellow readers, it gives me immense pride to inform you that our beloved blog, Gaysi has managed to get its very first main stream media mention. It’s an honour to be mentioned alongside the likes of Humsafar Trust, Gay Bombay, LABIA, Apphia Kumar, Queer Ink & the ultimate rockstar chicks from Azaad Bazaar (Special Note: Simran you are my God) *Bitchslapped* Damn…damn you Broom!

In the times when even celebrities have to buy their way through for tiniest of media space, we are lucky to get it for free. And it doesn’t really matter if the concerning journalist did not take the initiative of getting in touch with us, the Gaysi Administrators directly for a quote. In fact our happiness has been magnified, that no ordinary Gaysi but the extraordinary Vikram of Gay Bombay is aware of our humble existence. And bloody hell they even got our URL correct. (Queer Ink has been unfortunate. Yaar! The correct URL is and not the other).

Okay okay…I know you are eager. So without further ado, here is our moment of fame;

Several new sites like are set up by Indians who have returned home from abroad. “They’ve been living and working abroad and want to start something online. They have money and the technical knowhow. Since they’re a little wary of the established gay groups, they would rather start their own thing,” says Vikram of Gay Bombay. [Indian Express]

However I would like to take this opportunity to put it down in clear words, rectifying the misconceptions;

  1. Gaysi founders are NOT Indians who have returned home from abroad. Our editor in charge is still living abroad *lucky biatch*. Yours truly on the other hand is very much Bharat ki shaan, unless summer vacations abroad once a year is enough to give me the NRI status.
  2. We DO NOT have the money. Let me say this again, loud enough for the under paid Income Tax dude chewing paan in his run-down cubicle to hear it “Humare pass maal nahi hai”. Gaysi is funded with left-over salary, passion, encouragement and blessings. But yes, we are hopeful that one day it will – “show us the money!”
  3. As for the technical know-how, hello….we are Indians no, IT comes by default!
  4. And lastly, we are NOT wary of established gay groups. In fact we are appreciative of the people involved and their contribution towards the betterment of the community. Yes, we may have our apprehensions, but believe me, it is NOT the reason for our existence. Gaysi is about experiences, voicing these experiences and don’t they say, “The more the merrier”?

As for those who find my words to be Page 3ish, please accept my apologies. And I swear by Ekta Kapoor’s maathe ka lal tikka I shall try limiting my Bollywood aspirations within my bathroom walls (Not!).

And now, let’s pop a bubbly!

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