Gaysi Podcast 1.0 : Next Time We’ll Try Not To Giggle As Much

Hello All! If you’ve always wondered what we sound like in real life then today’s your absolutely lucky day! Presenting our very first gaysi podcast! Ta-Dah!

We made many attempts to co-ordinate across 3 timezones as QC was in CST, I was in GMT & MJ & Chicklet were in IST. After several cancellations (most of them from MJ) we finally got together on Skype last weekend & much laughter & hilarity ensued. We talked for about an hour & then volunteered poor QC to play the role of editor. Thank you QC – you can be so useful when you try.

We really should have planned ahead & had an agenda and a list of things to talk about. Meh! Next time, maybe.

Actually, we’d love it if more of you would like to participate in the podcast. If you’re too shy – send us suggestions on things to chat about. We’re thinking of making this a bi-monthly feature, so do leave us feedback (other than ‘stop giggling’).

So listen on as QC, MJ, Chicklet & I talk about this that and the other:


[ Opening Title Song Credits – Bappi Lahri, 1982]

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