Gaysi Podcast 10.0 : I See Straight People

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We’re ….BACK.

The Gaysi Podcast IS BACK!

While you are desperately trying to hold onto your knickers despite the excitement, let’s tell you bit about what we spoke about – some…thing that gets all our Queer knickers in a twist. I don’t know about you but…

Participants (In order of awesomeness) : MJ, Chicklet Chopra, The Rioterrr, Fishead & QC.

I see Straight People everywhere.

Our cities are swarming with their straight color-blocking (As opposed to rainbow), mechanical commuting (As opposed to unicorns that fly), hetero-hetero (As opposed to no-homo-you-FOMO. there’s a hashtag in there somewhere…) selves.

So we decided we must figure this out. All us Gaysi Gals carefully locked away our brains (as is typically the case when we do one of these things..this time Chicklet took it seriously.) and a spectucular Newb member of the Gaysi team – “The Rioterrrrr” , got chatting for a bit and you know what?

We figured straight people out.


But we do love them.

And we had Questions.

Darn good ones that go like:

Do Straight People really exist or are they just pretending to be straight?

What this ridiculous Conversion Ratio that Rainbow people talk about?

Should they be allowed to ask us Dumb Questions?

Also, the newb Gaysi member, “The Rioterrrrr” had a bit of a instant crush on a certain lady-in a-black tshirt-with-Short Hair-who spoke-Bengali-who she saw in a-coffee shop-with her-friend-in-Bangalore-last month and wanted to go – Call Me Maybe? #MissedConnections

Phew. This matchmaking business is hard work…what, with these young ones and their hormones all over the place.

Anyyyywayyyy…You’ll find all this and more in this month’s brilliant comeback of the Podcast – Go listen ! Now! Chop chop!

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